Meet the Team

Julie Norris – Director
Ofsted Registered Provider
L5 Early Years / Working with Children & Families / HE Tutor

Louise Woods
Compliance & Training Manager – (BA Early Childhood Studies L6) 

C4K Admin Support
Merryl Steenkamp – Finance Manager
Samantha Dancy – Admission Administrator

C4K Hardingstone – Pre-School (Full Wraparound Care)
Chloe Lay – Early Years Manager (BA Early Childhood Studies L6) 
Jodi Elliman – Deputy Supervisor (L3 Early Years)
Emily Macfarlane – Early Years Practitioner (L3 Early Years)
Kayleigh Browne – Assistant Early Years Practitioner

C4K Hardingstone – Out of School Provision
Gemma King – Out of School Club Supervisor (L3)
Samantha Digby – OOSC Deputy Supervisor (L3)
Luke Adams – Assistant OOSC Practitioner 
Kayleigh Browne – Assistant OOSC Practitioner

C4K Frederic Street – Pre-school (Full Daycare)
Husna Kassam – Supervisor (BA Early Childhood Studies L6)
Madhu Sidduqui – Deputy Supervisor Early Years (L3)
Saira Kassam – Early Years Practitioner (L3)
Kerrie-Ann Franklin – Assistant Early Years Practitioner (L2)
Claire Sinon – Baby Supervisor (L3)
Zoubida Taha – Early Years Practitioner (L3) 

C4K Castle Academy - Out of School Provision
Samantha Digby – OOSC Supervisor (Early Years L3)
Jaana Haggui – OOSC Assistant
Siobhan O’Neal – OOSC Assistant

C4K Kingsthorpe Grove - Out of School Provision
Amanda Chapman – Supervisor (Early Years L3)
Kayleigh Browne – Assistant OOSC Practitioner
Aimee Davies – Assistant Early Years Practitioner 

C4K Malcolm Arnold - Out of School Provision
Jodi Elliman – Supervisor (Early Years L3)
Lillian Card – Assistant OOSC Practitioner
Eleanor Poole – Assistant OOSC Practitioner 

C4K Nicholas Hawksmoor - Out of School Provision
Emily Macfarlane – Supervisor (Early Years L3) 
Tara Porter – Assistant OOSC Practitioner
Amy Davis - Assistant OOSC Practitioner