“My daughter tells me how much she loves you all and all her nursery friends. She has such a wonderful time every time she comes, and you really go full throttle at making sure they all have fun through play. She is learning so many lovely things too and told me how she now needs to be ‘ independent’ and get her own things etc. which is fabulous – alongside how she has to stop the trees being cut down and save the planet ?!! thank you! It must be exhausting but you always have smiles for the children!’’

“Eleanor is our hero! —– loves her and looks forward to seeing her. We know —— is in good hands with Eleanor!”

“My daughter says ‘they are so kind and caring’. This is so evident when I drop her off in the mornings. She is always met with a huge smile and a warm welcome. They are doing a fantastic job of looking after my daughter and creating a happy atmosphere”.

Every nursery celebrates most holidays/cultures. Husna’s team takes it to the next level. The children not only learn about different cultures and customs, they also experience them through role play, crafting, singing, reading. She literally transforms the entire nursery into a different magical world (eg valentines post office, Christmas cabin, Chinese restaurant). I feel that every child is special and appreciated for their background at this nursery and it’s so, so valuable what these little children experience (not only learn).”

“Jo she has a really helped —— settle into nursery —— is
always talks about her at home. —— has a lovely bond with u thank u”

“In less than 12 months the team have developed the most wonderful and thriving environment. From literally an empty shell in a brand-new building to a safe, welcoming, and fun place for the kids.

Even with the management changes and staffing uncertainty in the early days, they rode the storm and Zoe did a terrific job stepping up into the management position.

You get a real sense of team spirit from the ladies, and we smile everyday seeing the fun activities they so passionately arrange for the children.

My son loves going to nursery and the love and attention he feels from the Marie Weller team undoubtedly contributes to the development of his kind and thoughtful little character.”